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The stories so far...

A New Life

How did I end up like this, stuck in a wetsuit for life, and not having control of my life while being the property of three other men which I only met a week ago, was the question Jak was now asking himself as he woke up, yet again locked in his cage.

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A Weekend Away From College - 2 part story

It was Friday morning, and classes had been canceled for the day. I was lying in bed, waiting for something to wake me up when my cell phone started to vibrate. “Oh good, my alarm is going off,” I though to myself and picked it up from next to my pillow. To my surprise though it was someone trying to call me. Through my hazy vision I tried to make out the name on the front screen, but it was too late and the phone stopped vibrating. I got out of bed, put on a shirt and a pair of jeans and took another look at my phone.

Part 1 - Part 2

Coastal Town

“Can I help you?” the cute blond guy said to me as he walked towards me. I flushed slightly, with colour coming to my cheeks and a slight hardening in my groin. “Y-Yeah, I said. C-C-Can I try this on?” “Sure, mate, yeah. Go on ahead.” I stumbled into the changing area with the wetsuit, as my dick hardened again.

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David and I - 6 part story

I was fishing down on the beach with David, or rather, he was good at fishing and I was a terrible beginner. As we were on the beach, at that moment, there were a few differences between us. I was wearing a hooded sweatshirt and jeans having arrived a few hours ago while David was standing there in a wetsuit, having been on the beach all day long, the rain not bothering him at all. He stood there, shining, the rain flowing off of the black material that was stretched across his skin. It was easy to see the outline of his musculature and the outline of his balls pressed against the crotch of his wetsuit.

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6

Discovering my Love for Wetsuits

I feel sweaty. What was I dreaming about? I can't remember. I feel so warm, it's nice, I like it. I feel as though I'm being hugged from every possible angle. It feels as though I'm slowly getting warmer and warmer, the sun must be shining on me but I cannot be for sure. I can't see a thing nor can I hear anything but that's alright because right now, just laying here like this, I am perfectly content, so relaxed, not a care in the world. I lay there, not moving yet, I begin to think even though my memory and senses are still clouded with sleep. I feel my cock pulsing, it feels like its trapped inside of something very tight, it feels so good, so warm, it must have been a good dream. I want to rub it so bad, just feel it. I go to reach for it???? oh shit!! I can't move my right arm. I try the left. Fuck!! That one won't move either! I try my legs. No luck!! What on earth is going on!?! Why can't I move! Oh shit I'm tied down! I'm panicking?? what am I going to do?! Why am I like this?! What happened!? I try to yell for help but the large gag that I just found in my mouth makes that impossible. I panic more thinking I'm going to choke on this thing that's in my mouth?..I try to spit it out but it doesn't work. Then the sleep slowly begins to fade and I start to realize my predicament?.. I'm strapped to a bed the tightness hugging me and trapping my throbbing member must be rubber of some sort, I can faintly smell it and feel it encasing my body now. There's a gag in my mouth, I can't see no matter how wide I open my eyes, I can't seem to here a thing even when I try moving. My head must be in some sort of hood. I begin to relax again. Knowing my predicament makes me even hornier. Now I'm dying to grab my hard cock, but still?.. my arms wont budge.  

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Dreams to Reality: A True Story!

We were on holiday when two of my roommates decided to leave for the weekend. I was left with Aaron all alone and nothing to do. I decided to go shopping and told Aaron I would be back later. I have always had an interest for wetsuits so I went to the Surf Shop. When I arrived and asked if I could try a wetsuit on for the upcoming summer surf season. I was directed to a young guy in his twenties. He was really muscular, big bulge in his pants, short brown hair and that irresistible twinkle in his eye. He had helped me before and knew what I wanted to do, so he opened the small fitting room for me and waited outside.

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Matt & Tahlon

Tahlon was a guy I went to high school with and the story is slightly based on truth. He had a friend named Matt, but I have no idea if they were best friends and he did come to school on Halloween wearing a red rashgaurd and hot green spandex shorts with a rolled up sock shoved down it to look like his cock. Some guy grabed it while he was making out with his girlfriend. Let's say that Halloween I had a lot on my mind!

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Our Little Buddy

Roy Tomsett was a troublemaker. Never a day went by without him being involved in mischief. He was about 19 about 5’4” tall and skinny with black hair, but was a real pain in the ass, not just to us, but the whole neighbourhood. I and four other friends, David, James, Craig and Steve, have been friends for around ten years, if not longer. We liked the same things, but best of all, we all like to wear wetsuits, or rubber, tight fitting rubber suits, with hoods, gloves and boots, also, we absolutely loved to be tied up, restrained or played with, while wearing rubber suits. We all lived in one big house, separate rooms of course

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Shane's Weekend - 3 part story

Alex and Stuart had been keen surfers for years and had both got the same passion for surfing, they were both gay, 18, average looks and regarded themselves as trendy and lived for the times they could be together out on their boards.

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

Sneaking Permission

The bus was full of my classmates, excited at the prospect of the weekend field trip we were having. I say field trip, it was supposed to be more of an adventure holiday. Previous years we had gone done a spot of kayaking and canoeing, some climbing and general outdoor like activities. This year however was a more informative excursion. As part of our college course we were to have a team building exercise of sorts, involving lectures seminars and the like. Nothing was noteworthy and certainly nothing quite as memorable as what happened to me personally.

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Surfers' Paradise

It is a beautiful and cool morning in Spain, 21 years old Greg soon found that out when he woke up, stumbling out of his bed and opening his blinds at the window wearily, then walking slowly to get a shower and had a long and refreshing shower, which soon woke him up more. He walked back to his messy room and dug out some clothes to wear for today, some white shirt and red short, complete with sandal, to keep his feet cool as it will be very hot day or so the weather forecast said so. He then noticed a scribbled note stuck to his mirror on the back of the door, it said 'New wetsuit needed!!! Trip to the beach with friends on 13th August', Greg remembered writing it and groaned, he has been hoping for a nice and relaxing day in front of the TV, but no he has to go and get a wetsuit.

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The Council

The year is 2016. It has now been 2 months since the Wetsuit Council came to power. Under the new law set up by The Council, all boys once they reach 18 years old must go to The Council, where if The Council decides, the teen will be forced to wear a wetsuit with a Speedo underneath until they die. Today is Steve Beil's 18th birthday.

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The Dilemma - 8 part story and growing fast unlike something else in the story!

It was this that he had come to have removed and ‘this’ was a device that was locked over his cock and balls. He felt his cock stir at the touch and then the device did its job, as it always did, and instantly stopped him from getting erect. He pulled out a pair of gloves from the side pocket of the bag and slipped them on, ensuring that they went under the sleeves of the wet suit. Apart from his head, he was completely covered in neoprene. He had worn his wet suit boots under his shoes to save time. He closed the bag, stood and, after the briefest hesitation, knocked on the door.

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8

The Golden Chest

It is a hot and dry day at a coast of Florida, the sun is cooking a stretch of long and golden beach, full of sunbather, the beach is completed with a long wooden pier hanging over the sea. Standing atop the pier is three normal men, well actually 3 very fit men, all are topless, showing off their beautifully tanned chests, lower down they are wearing very tight speedos. The first guy named Fred, is wearing a blue speedo, the second guy, called Clark, is wearing a black one, the third and final guy named as Rick is wearing red, they have recently discovered a small golden chest at the bottom of the sea by the pier, and recovered it.

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The Fete - 2 part story

Joe was in his early thirties, and recently moved into the village. He new very few people in the area, the move having been mainly made so that he could be closer to his workplace. When one of his new neighbours, Mark, asked Joe whether he would like to help out at the village fete that was being held the following month he jumped at the chance. He thought that it would provide the perfect opportunity to become involved in village life.

Part 1 - Part 2

The Kidnapping

Jay was a 19 year old who lived in London and was well into wetsuits but no one knew this as he was too embarrassed to admit it, he had a well hidden collection of suits in his house that he usually enjoys when the house is empty. One day when the house was empty he decided to have a bit of fun he went upstairs and pulled an Orca speedsuit out of his collection and began to pull it up his legs he was already hard just from the smell of neoprene! He thought that he would go for a walk with clothes over his suit.

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The Playroom

It is in the evening, very warm night out there, meanwhile I am in my small bedroom, cluttered with posters of sexy fit guys in wetsuits, either posing or surfing. Lying sprawled on my bed, typing on a laptop, looking at websites, seeing if I could find any new photos of a guy in wetsuit that I have never seen before. I guess I should describe myself, I'm around 5"8 foot tall with short spiky blonde hair, bright blue eyes and a cheeky grin, guaranteed to make guys falls at my feet, did I forget to mention I am also slim, tanned, and I have a six packs? Looking up from my laptop, eyeing a poster of a fit blonde guy in a wetsuit, surfing in a big wave, dreaming of being that guy. Doorbells ringing in my ears, I frowned, ‘who can be visiting at this time of night?' I thought, walking to the front door, I tugged open the door opened.

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Tims Wetsuit Initiation - 2 part story

Tim put his hand on the door of the shop and gave it a slight push; the smell of new neoprene that hit him was awesome.

Part 1 - Part 2

Evening Surf? - 3 part story

Rob had planned just to go for a casual evening of surfing, but things didn’t quite go to plan…not that he complained of course!

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

Wetsuit Sentence - 3 part story

"You will go to prison for twenty-eight days," the Magistrate announced. "Alternatively, you can have your sentence commuted to seven days, if you agree to enrol in the Town's new beach community service programme." A last-minute change of holiday plans, some draconian local regulations and an over-zealous council worker lead the writer into a surprising and unexpected situation: sentenced to spend a week in a wetsuit!

Part 1 - Part 2- Part 3

Wetsuit; Wet Dream - 4 part story

A long weekend with the boyfriend turns into a kinky exploration of his submissive side when he discovers a wetsuit hanging in the wardrobe... 

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4


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