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Wetsuitlads.co.uk isn't really about videos, it never has been. But having seeing so many other, wetsuit related videos on YouTube, MySpace and so on... We decided to make our, own videos.

So below you will find a selection of videos for you to enjoy. If you have any comments about these videos, then check out our forum.

* Motorcycle leathers + helmet
Posted: 03/04/11

* Showing off my new motorcycle cycle helmet
Posted: 24/03/11


* Putting on 1 Piece Leather Suit: second go...
Posted: 05/10/10

* Putting on 1 Piece Leather Suit, over the top of my wetsuit
Posted: 30/09/10


* Nalini HTC Columbia shower vlog
Posted: 31/05/10

* White lycra shower vlog
Posted: 02/05/10

* S10 gas mask experiment
Posted: 05/04/10

* Lycra skinsuit shower vlog
Posted: 10/01/10


* Having to cancel my trip to Scotland
Posted: 23/12/09

* Locked in Spider-Man suit in HD
Posted: 06/12/09


* Being Spider-Man again in HD
Posted: 03/12/09


* Spider-Man suit in HD
Posted: 29/11/09


* Pride London in wetsuits?
Posted: 21/11/09


* Putting on my Orca S2
Posted: 04/10/09

* Putting on a wetsuit
Posted: 01/10/09

* Wetsuit experiment
Posted: 27/09/09

* Lycra experiment
Posted: 12/09/09

* Cycling
Posted: 07/09/09

* Mike bodyboarding
Posted: 19/07/09

* Daniel & Mike in shower fun
Posted: 18/07/09

Daniel & Mike in shower fun   3.25 mins 31.7 MB

* BitTorrent video downloads
Posted: 15/12/08

You can now download the following videos using BitTorrent:-

Daniel & Mike in Tickle Tiedown 6.32 mins 36.1 MB
Gordon & Ryan in Wetsuit play flight (Re-edited) 3.27 mins 19.2 MB
Mike in Street Surfer! 3.00 mins 16.4 MB
Gordon having a shower, while wearing the O'Neill Gooru 2/1   1.47 mins 9.68 MB

* Tickle Tiedown
Posted: 04/12/08

Dressed up in Lycra, Mike ties Daniel to the bed and tries to find where Daniel is most ticklish.

Tickle Tiedown video preview image

This video was hosted on YouTube, but for some reason they removed it. So we had to come up, with another way for you to view it. Now the video is on the Exclusive area. If you don't have access to that area, then don't worry. It can also be downloaded using the BitTorrent link below.

www.wetsuitlads.co.uk/videos/doubles/daniel_mike_in_tickle_tiedown.torrent (36.1 MB)

Once downloaded you will need to a have FLV player installed. A list of them can be found here.

Mike's Dirty Shower
Posted: 13/03/2008

Mike tests the waters
Posted: 13/01/2008

Wetsuit play flight
Posted: 07/09/2007

Mike having a shower, while wearing the Salomon 1mm top and O'Neill Neoprene Sports Shorts
Posted: 28/06/2007

Mike in Street Surfer!
Posted: 31/05/2007

Gordon wearing the orca speedsuit
Posted: 27/05/2007

This is, the very first video, that we made for the exclusive area. When we only had a webcam, to make videos with.

Gordon wearing the Orca speedsuit

Mike wearing the Orca speedsuit
Posted: 25/05/2007

Gordon having a shower, while wearing the O'Neill Gooru 2/1
Posted: 13/05/2007


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